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Rush Fall 2022

Why Rush Theta Chi?

"At Delta Mu, we aim to identify men of character. We look for young men who possess particular morals and values that we believe will be conducive to our success as a fraternity. Members of Delta Mu are expected to shine in the categories of academics, leadership, sociability and philanthropy. Therefore, our objective is to recruit individuals who hold similar beliefs. In doing so, we aim to build a strong and active brotherhood here at The University of Texas, a brotherhood that aids in the quality of an undergraduate experience. Recruitment occurs year-round with specific recruitment events being held in the summer and at the beginning of each semester.

Congratulations on your acceptance into The University of Texas. If you would like to obtain more information about rush or to recommend a potential recruit, please fill out the interest form or contact one of the rush team leaders below."

- Delta Mu Rush Team

Zero tolerance for hazing. 

The Theta Chi Fraternity does NOT tolerate hazing by any group or individual affiliated with the chapter. Hazing is defined as any action taken or situation created intentionally, whether on or off campus or fraternity premises, that produces mental or physical discomfort, embarrassment, harassment or ridicule. Hazing is not limited to new member activities but extends to all aspects of chapter activities.

Recruitment Officers

Check out our PowerPoint for more information.

Will Kristo
Recruitment Chairman


Rush Captains:

Hadi Almathkour
Zac Compean
Raul DeLeon
Gavin LeBrun
Kaleb Seyoum
Gavin Sisler


Recruitment Interest Form

Thank you! We look forward to contacting you.


The pledge education program at Delta Mu transitions new members into individuals with greater knowledge, integrity, and character. Texas Theta Chi has a challenging, yet incredibly rewarding pledgeship process. Its eight week curriculum ensures that pledges learn to embody the ideals and character traits that make a Resolute Man. Throughout, pledges have individual meetings with both active members and alumni, assimilating themselves into the cultural folds of Texas Theta Chi while forming strong bonds with both fellow pledges and active members. They also fulfill pledge community service requirements and attend mandatory study hours together, continuing Theta Chi’s excellence on campus and around Austin. This important process turns pledge members into active members - and it turns boys into noble young men. With that being said, those pledging Theta Chi will be prepped to become outstanding leaders, positive members of society, and successful in a wide variety of aspects in life.

For any questions, please contact our Recruitment Chair. 

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